Lina Shekhovtsova is one of the well-recognized names in the fashion industry. Her successful modeling career is still at it's best, though art has always been a big part of Lina’s life.

... my goal is to create original pieces that many can enjoy.

"Everything I see, feel and experience contributes to the depth of my work. I reference colors, textures, symbols, and simplified forms from what I see around me, using travel and nature as my main source of inspiration. I am constantly on the move, meeting new people, learning and reinventing myself through my art. I work in few different fields: I'm a fashion model and a swimwear designer. However, the art has always been my passion, and now I have turned my inspirations into my business, to which I am truly dedicated.

I work in acrylic, large and small format, on canvas. It’s my goal to create original pieces that many can enjoy. If you are interested in a commissioned piece or just want to say hi please send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

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